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Now you can be the only bike rental shop in your area to rent  these cute and adorable kick scooters.  They will likely become  a hit to add to an existing rental fleet or to start a new  rental revenue stream.

People just can’t seem to resist taking one for a spin and once they do they become hooked.  Push scooters are of growing interest in the US, becoming popular because they are so easy and fun to ride.


Seniors in particular are picking up on the push scooter craze because they are finding that they can once again enjoy outdoor bike adventures that were long lost.

So many seniors are unable to mount and balance on  a traditional bicycle but can easily step on and scoot on a scooter.

Scooters are available in different family sizes and can be rented as a family package.

Long used in Europe countries for years adult  size push scooters are now being discovered in the USA.

These  adorable scooters are fun to ride, provide a better workout than a standard bicycle and are very rental friendly.

Push scooters are very easy to maintain.  They use the same tires and wheels as a standard bicycle but do not have a seat, peddles , chain or sprockets for renters to mess up.

Scooters equipped with a front basket allows riders to shop along the way purchasing souvenirs from shops that they may not be able to tote back on a standard bicycle.

Push scooters are USA Made in the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish communities, where they are used in rental fleets in tourist towns as well as widely used by the Amish in those communities.

You may have even seen them in use on some of the recent Amish shows.

Cottage Craft Works .com sells many different types of scooters made in the USA.

 Quantity discounts are available.  Shop owners may also earn additional income by selling or referral of sales of scooters.

Unlike bicycles that are widely available everywhere these scooters are not easy to find and purchase at a local bike shop. Once they are ridden the desire to own one is very high.

To learn more just e-mail the great folks over at Cottage Craft Works.




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