Hand Crank Pasty and Empanada Machine and Crimper

Making wonderful meat and fruit pies is easy using The Little Pie Maker.


This Amish manufactured pie maker was made to use in the Amish communities for making fried pies for large families and gatherings

It will make a uniform 3 x 5 crimped pie pocket with one simple crank. Dough is placed on the top and filled with meat or fruit fillings and then cranked to fall into the other hand on the bottom.

Up until now a commercial grade machine of this quality would have cost between $1500- $2200. The Little Pie Maker is under $500 placing it in reach for individuals, institutions, small restaurants and deli owners wanting to expand their menus.

It is perfect for pizzerias and such eateries that already have a dough rolling machine in operation.

The Little Pie maker will also work with pasta dough to make stuffed pasta recipes.

You can only purchase The Little Pie Maker online from Cottage Craft Works.com


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